Kuch khawateen aise kapray pehanti hain jo munasib nahin, see through aur tight: Behroze Sabzwari




Behroze Sabzwari recently appeared on a podcast with Nadir Ali, where his policing of women and the clothes they wear has been receiving a lot of flak on social media. “Kuch khawateen aise kapray pehanti hain jo munasib nahin, see through aur tight”, said the actor

In an absurd turn of events, Behroze Sabzwari talked about how womens’ clothing bothers him, saying women on bikes should cover themselves with a ‘chaadar’ because what if it rains.


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He said, “in Pakistan a lot of people have motorbikes, obviously, everyone can’t afford cars, there is inflation and people are barely surviving, but, I have noticed one thing that the dressing of women is not appropriate while sitting on bikes, some women wear weird clothes which cannot be called appropriate, they are not good at all, the clothes are not only see through but usually are very tight, it shows home training, women should be fully covered while sitting on the motorbike. This should be strictly kept in mind. Men should also control their eyes and women should be dressed up in an appropriate manner”

The actor who has been in the showbiz industry for the past 40 years, also opened up about his 50 year-long alcohol addiction saying he has now quit this dirty job and has come out of this addiction.