Women on Twitter share their experiences of being shamed for their skin color and how it further causes body insecurity

“It had a lasting impact on my soul and to date I still question if I will ever be good enough?” one user re-called

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Our society has had an everlasting obsession with beauty standards and look for demeaning ways to remind women that they aren’t beautiful or worthy of love if they do not meet them. Colorism is a common part of this since we treat having kalaa rang like a disease that needs to be immediately cured. “You’re so dark you won’t find a good proposal”, “She needs fairness creams so she doesn’t get bullied by others” these are words women have constantly reminded since their childhood that prove to them that their beauty is what makes them acceptable in the eyes of others. Twitter users re-called these awful words as they began a discussion on beauty standards and how color shaming plays an active role within our society, with how much women are ridiculed and subjected to all sorts of ridiculous experimentation because they weren’t born with fair skin.

The person who started this discussion revealed that as a child, she had been subjected to humiliation at the hands of her family members because of her dark skin and was pressurized to get skin whitening injections

It soon prompted other users to share their experience of being color shamed by family members or other people. This person recalled how she was told her marriage to a good family will not happen because no one will marry a woman who has dark skin

From a young age we drill it into the minds of young girls that their worth solely rests on their beauty, not their intelligence or their kindness or empathy. We tell them to re-model themselves in accordance to how their in-laws might find them attractive: their body weight, education, career etc. All of these messages remind women that their individuality and independence doesn’t matter at all, and even breeds insecurity in them which pushes them to harmful ways to ensure they are worthy of society’s acceptance. Like this woman re-called how consistently using fairness creams since she was thirteen years old damaged her skin badly which caused her to be bullied by her class mates in middle school

Colorism is a deadly epidemic that we need to end in our culture because a woman’s worth never comes from her skin color or her body weight, it comes from her personality. Let’s stop holding marriage and having babies on such an important pedestal that it is the sole defining moment of a woman’s life, and let’s start encouraging women to be independent and live their lives the way they choose to do so!