‘Will adopt two babies soon’: Ayesha Omar on motherhood and children




Well-known actress and fashion icon Ayesha Omar recently appeared in an interview where talked about on motherhood and children, sharing her plans on adopting babies soon. The Habs actor spoke at length about her personal life, plans to get married, have children and adopt them too.

“I want to have a baby and want to adopt two kids. I will get married and I will adopt babies, but I don’t want to wait I just want to adopt kids’, said the actress. She further shared that she is now ‘ready’ to be a mother and have a family. “I think now I’m ready to be a mother and I want to start a family soon,” Omar told the host. “I want to get married and adopt two children and somewhere along the way, I’d love to have a baby of my own too” she added.

Ayesha Omar also spoke about her trending drama Habs, her personal preferences and addressed controversy around her recent photoshoot with ex- Pakistani cricket team captain Shoaib Malik. She also talked about her character Zoya in ongoing drama Habs, saying she is a very relatable character, as there are many women who are highly educated, elevated and evolved but where personal emotions are involved they end up going on paths which don’t match, and are not progressive or evolved.

Fans and followers are now excited about the upcoming phase in the actor’s life.