I’m not attracted to married or committed men: Ayesha Omar on photoshoot with Shoaib Malik




Pakistani entertainment’s bold beauty Ayesha Omar recently appeared in candid conversation with Aamna Isani where she spoke about her trending drama Habs, her personal preferences and addressed controversy around her recent photoshoot with ex- Pakistani cricket team captain Shoaib Malik.

The actor who is known for her honesty and openness, bravely took on the responsibility for clearing the air about any misconceptions about her equation with the Pakistani cricketer, asserting that she would never ever be attracted to a married or committed human being. Instead, she said she would only be turned off by any such advance from a person who tries to do such a thing in ‘hiding’.

Opening up about her ongoing drama Habs and her equation with director Mushaddiq Malik, she said since it was his first project she wanted him to feel trusted and empowered with the production and so gave him a free hand with it. She also talked about her character Zoya in the drama saying she is a very relatable character, as there are many women who are highly educated, elevated and evolved but where personal emotions are involved they end up going on paths which don’t match, and are not progressive or evolved.

Known for being vocal and taking a stand for causes that are close to her, Ayesha Omar also shared her take on MeToo cases in the local context, sharing that the day she was questioned about her view on the -Meesha Shafi-Ali Zafar harassment case was the day she opened up about her own sexual harassment for the first time, adding that since she did not know about the specifics about their situation at the time she preferred not to make any uninformed judgements in the matter.