Why you should check out the new Netflix K-drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”!

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


We can’t deny that 2022 has been the year of some phenomenal, gorgeous k-dramas that completely captivated our attention. Dramas like “A Business Proposal”, “25-21” and “Crazy Love” featured some amazing storylines as well as electrifying chemistry between the main leads. And now this time, there is a new k-drama that is about to take over our lives and we definitely want our readers to check it out! “Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo” shines on Woo Young Woo, a woman with Asperger’s Syndrome who has loved reading up on subjects like criminal law ever since she was young. Now, this series starts as she graduates from university with top honors and accepts the role of an attorney at the Handalba Law Firm in Seoul. Here are some reasons why you should give the series a watch.

  1. The first ever k-drama to have a main lead with autism and how she uses it to her advantage to win court cases

We’re used to main leads in k-dramas fitting the beauty standards of being tall, gorgeous and completely flawless in every way. But Woo Young stands out from this because of her autistic disorder, and how it caused others to treat her harshly because of which she remained friendless through out her childhood. But Woo Young is incredibly smart, and we watch how she uses her skills and incredible knowledge of the law in different cases like to help a North Korean refugee from being imprisoned for life, and also assists her best friend’s father from being manipulated into taking less money for compensation.

2. Incredible supporting leads

If there is anything that keeps a drama interesting and enjoyable, it is the supporting cast of the show. Like for instance Woo Young’s supportive father Woo Gwang-ho who quits his job as an attorney to become a full-time parent to his daughter, and we watch how he is determined to protect her in any way. We even love the colleagues who come to respect and admire Woo Young like attorney Choi Soo Yeon, who goes out of her way to defend Woo from people who make fun of her mannerisms, and then takes her for outings like shopping when they’re not working.

3. Woo Young’s adorable love for whales

One thing that makes Attorney Woo such a wholesome and lovable character is how much she loves whales, and loves talking about them with anyone else. Whenever Woo Young feels like she needs a break, she immediately pictures a whale in her head and is able to calm down.

4. The greenest of green flag male lead’s ever made: Jun-ho

We cannot write a piece praising this show without mentioning how much we love the male lead: Jun-ho. Quiet and introspective, he is among the first colleagues to become Woo Young’s close friend and actually indulges in her interests rather than side with the rest who consider her weird for it. When Woo begins talking to him about whales during lunch, he happily obliges and listens to all her facts. Or when Woo steps out wearing a wedding dress for an undercover operation at a hotel, Jun-ho is completely blown away and cannot stop looking at her.

Here is the trailer for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. You can watch the show on Netflix