Why Bilawal Bhutto gifted a house to female rickshaw driver

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor

Bilawal Bhutto gifted a new house to a female rickshaw driver named Alisha earlier in January, after Express News highlighted the life story of the 17-year-old girl, asking the government to gift her family a house under the Benazir Housing Scheme.

Nawab Ali Wassan, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister Sindh, had mentioned the media report covered some months ago as a result of which PPP leadership and Bilawal Bhutto had come to know of Alisha and her story. He added that about 6,000 houses have been built in Sindh under the Benazir Housing Scheme.

Alisha in Shah Faisal Colony was gifted a two-room house with an 80 square yard size. The Sindh government also announced a job for her.

Earlier, Alisha had shared a small rented home in the Drigh Road neighborhood of Karachi with her mother and sister. Her father passed away a few months ago leaving the family without any source of income. Fortunately, he had taught Alisha how to operate a rickshaw while he was sick.