Why aren’t more women given the same freedom to dance in public like men are?

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


We’ve all seen the wholesome video of a man dancing to “Agay Dekh” at a cricket stadium at Karachi, and we must admit it made us smile a lot because its rare that such events exude such excitement from our audiences. But at the same time, would we laugh if this was a woman who was dancing publicly this same way?

Twitter raised this question when the video reached social media, by reminding the rest of us that women would face even more scrutiny and threats if they were dancing without a care in front of the camera the way this man had, and this is something we wish would change.

Every day we do get to witness how sexist double standards allow men to receive basic freedoms like dancing in public without a care, or even walk out at night without fearing they will be kidnapped or raped. Women cannot see themselves doing the same act without fearing that they will lose the limited freedom that they already have. Especially with a sport like cricket which has been considered as male-dominant for a long time, women are publicly marginalized from participating in the sport or even faced sexist treatment like the controversy surrounding sports journalist Zainab Abbas when she had to step behind cricketer Mohammad Rizwan because he refused to look at her to answer her questions.

So men must understand this isn’t simply just a matter of women refusing to take interest in public activities or sports, but they are actively discouraged from participating in it because our culture hates a woman who walks outside freely and doesn’t allow other people to control her decisions. This was a response twitter user Eman had to Shoaib Akhtar, when he said that male cricketers were smart because they had grown up playing the game in the streets which had taught them innovation and the ability to adapt.

Imagine the heights the women in our country would be able to reach if they were also given as much freedom as men to spend nights outside and do what they desire. So please let’s stop putting them down for doing the bare minimum like even dancing in a street when we would applaud men for doing the same!