Twitter has mixed reactions to Zainab Abbas interviewing cricketer Muhammad Rizwan by standing at the back

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Zainab Abbas was the subject of a lot of media attention a few days ago when her interview with Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Rizwan went viral. In a clip, the cricketer was seen looking uncomfortable because of which he kept looking down, so Zainab decided to stand behind him to continue the interview.

When the clip reached Twitter, some users lauded the professional attitude and respect displayed by the sports journalist

Other women tweeted that the act shown by Zainab Abbas represented the misgoynist attitude shown towards women journalists, and how they are made to deal with demeaning attitudes of men who refuse to answer their questions and also often create unsafe environments for women.

This user tweeted how men often disguise their respect in the form of misogyny, by refusing to get interviewed by women in a professional setting, and which further makes it difficult for women to do their jobs without facing barriers

Other women journalists shared their own experiences of facing issues like this while working. Journalist and radio host Sabah Bano Malik shared her own experience of being ignored by men while trying to interview them for a subject

Many other women shared their own instances of interactions with men who refuse to look them in the eye or listen to what they want to say, and pointed out how this treatment reduces them down to sexual objects rather than human beings

Writer Tazeen shared how Zainab Abbas’ actions weren’t exemplary or worthy of being applauded, but actually revealed how difficult it was for women to be taken seriously as journalists in a professional environment. She tweeted that such an action further fuels the misogynist narrative that men cannot control their actions when they see a woman in front of them, and also blames the woman for seducing the man

Do you think that what Zainab Abbas did was exemplary or do you agree with other women that this was a misogynist action? Do let us know in the comments!