While men enjoy their prime, female careers end in their 40s: Nadia Khan on not allowing daughter to join showbiz 




Acclaimed TV personality Nadia Khan talks about the unstable nature of female careers in the entertainment industry in a recent interview with show host Nida Yasir. Pointing out the low standards in showbiz when it comes to women, the actress lamented “While men enjoy their prime, female careers end in their 40s”.

Talking to Nida, Nadia Khan opened up on why she did not allow her daughter, whose currently studying in Canada, to join the entertainment industry. She shared that even though daughter Alyzeh had a phase where she was inspired by dramas, wanted to act, and had even gotten a script from #AbdullahSeja, Nadia discouraged Alyzeh from joining the entertainment industry.

Speaking about career instability and stress for females in showbiz, Nadia said there is no career growth with time. One tends to establish themselves in any profession, by the time they enter their 40s but for women, their career ends as soon as they enter their 40s. Meanwhile, hypocritically enough that is the age when most men enter their prime in their career. She also added that females need breaks during motherhood etc, but in showbiz, a break usually means “out of sight, out of mind, out of media.” Nadia questioned what kind of job that is, and wanted her daughter to do something where she could be rewarded for her work and efforts.

The multi-talented TV presenter and actress, appeared on Good Morning Pakistan with her daughter, in a special feature on ‘Maa Beti Ka Rishta’, where Nida Yasir discussed with 3 mother-daughter duos the importance of raising daughters to be strong and independent, and what has been special about their relationship with their mothers.💕