‘Admi command nahin ley sakte. Toh main kyun command dun? Maine apna tareeka badla’: Nida Yasir as a woman in power



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Famed TV host Nida Yasir recently appeared in conversation with Fuschiawhere she opened up about her journey reaching the level of success she is at today, childhood memories and lessons gained as a woman in power.

Talking about workplace dynamics as a woman leading men, the host said she had corrected her way of getting work done from others. ‘Mujhe lagta hai keh aadmi command nahin ley sakte. Unki hai kuch problem. Phir maine kaha main khamakhwan main kyun command dun. main unko jis tareekeh se kehti houn unko command lagti nahin. maine apna tareeka badla.”

Speaking on the importance of having the right attitude in order to be successful as a woman, she says “Maine kaha maine kaam nikalwana hai na. main yahan kisi ki ego satisfy ya hurt karney nahin ayi”. So i became more ‘respectful’. She said she had never worked before so at the start she never really knew how to get work from people, and i may have rubbed the egos of certain people the wrong way. But slowly she learnt.

Speaking about how being at a certain level of success can be more challenging for women as compared to men, the TV host said men have the freedom to ‘express’ more when it comes to being fatigued, overworked and tired.

She generously shared that there are still days when she doesn’t even get time to straighten out or remove her makeup after getting home from work, because she also has to manage the house. But the husband has to come home and watch TV only.

Towards the end of the interview, Nida Yasir won our hearts all over again with her down-to-earth, honest and generous attitude and personality.💞