Nida Yasir responds to criticism of her morning show guest list: “When I do invite educated people to my show, people aren’t watching them”.




The country most popular morning show host Nida Yasir recently set the record straight by responding to some long-standing criticism of her morning show guest list. “When I do invite educated people to my show, people aren’t watching them”, shared the TV host in an exclusive interview.

Audiences have frequently criticized Nida Yasir’s guest list for not highlighting people for their academic achievements and only lending a platform to people who go viral online for mindless gimmicks and theatrics. But the entertainment diva recently shut down all criticism reminding audiences about the many times she has provided limelight to such guests on her show, however its the audiences that make certain shows more viral and more popular.

While the Good Morning Pakistan host has invited a diverse list of personalities to her show including Gold Medalist Dr Waleed, singers, Nust students who assembled Pakistan’s first Formula electric car, doctors, and social media sensations like Dananeer Mobeen and Ahmed Shah, it is the latter which have gotten the most attention on her show. Nida summed it all up with a simple answer which speaks volumes: “This is not my fault, but actually of the people who want to see these guests on my show.”

This is not the first time the TV host has spoken up on the matter. Earlier also when the Hum Tum actor was made the butt of countless online memes and viral jokes after a racing car interview she conducted, the actor had expressed regret at always being made out to be anobject of fun over social media. “I’ve done several important shows, whose feedback has been very positive. However, no one ever talks about that or makes it viral. That really demotivates me.” remarked Nida.