We investigate: The grounds on which men blame females for their own actions!




We frequently come across known and unknown men, who conveniently hold women responsible for the violent crimes committed by other men. And as we struggle to understand the twisted logic, by way of which so many men arrive at this dumbfounding and dangerous conclusion, anchor Imran Riaz’s video clip which has recently been making rounds on social media, helped us list down all the factors men consider to be reasons for a woman being responsible for the violence enacted against her.

In the video clip, anchor Imran Riaz can be seen senselessly explaining how Noor Mukadam’s murder was, in part caused by her lack of telephonic conversation with her father. As women, it fails many of us, how so many men easily take the blame off the male perpetrators, blatantly holding female victims for the violence enacted against them. However, Imran Riaz in this clip explains this mindset.

Therefore we present to you the basis for this logic, as explained by journalist Imran Riaz.

If a woman is in “connectivity” with a man, it is reason enough for her to be beheaded

So according to Imran Riaz’s logic, men please remember your new name is now beast!

If a woman is in “connectivity” with a man who ends up murdering her, she is partly responsible for her murder

I guess women are supposed to magically know it all.

If a woman is in greater “connectivity” with a man, than she is with her father that men holds the right to behead her

In short, all the logic he gives seems to be extremely complicated and calculative, but utterly fails all our intelligence and reasoning capabilities, and the only thing we gain from his entire argument is a new word “connectivity”.

Therefore, after listening to the reasoning provided by Imran Riaz, we decided come up with our very own list for why so many men offer this abhorrent and ugly behavior and logic.

1. Dim-wittedness

2. Male ego

3. Block-headed acceptance of the socially constructed idea that men are beasts incapable of any self-restraint

4. #Yes all men