Waqar Zaka offers to pay off the country’s debt under a condition

Waqar Zaka had quite a hilarious solution to tackle the country’s growing debts on Twitter

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal

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Waqar Zaka took to Twitter today to offer a bizarre suggestion to counter Pakistan’s growing debt problem but in exchange, he said that the Prime Minister Imran Khan must offer his resignation and he becomes his replacement. The television host announced to his followers today that with the help of crypto currency, he could pay of Pakistan’s debts but under the condition that Imran Khan resigned and he became the prime minister:

I can pay of PAK deb using crypto but the condition is @ImranKhanPTI should step down and let me run the country..”

Waqar further requested his followers that in case this situation cannot take place- then they should demand the government about their solution to boost olive plantations, tourism industry and tackle the rise of anti-corruption in the country that no politician has yet been able to ressolve:

“…if not then Pakistanis should demand what solution respectable, olive plantation, tourism, anti corruption lovers IK has. I challenge all Politician koi idea hai.”