Wahaj Ali’s performance in the latest episode of ’22 Qadam’ has netizens in awe!




Green Entertainment’s “22 Qadam,” follows Junaid and Fari on their journey to break gender stereotypes and emphasize that cricket and dreams transcend gender boundaries. Starring Wahaj Ali as Junaid and Hareem Farooq as Fari, the duo’s convincing performances have already captivated audiences, with the latest episode showcasing a particularly poignant scene.

In the series, Junaid, a cricketer portrayed by Wahaj Ali, encounters a life-altering injury, putting a halt to his cricketing aspirations. Wahaj’s portrayal of Junaid has garnered widespread acclaim, with viewers lauding his convincing performance. His adept use of emotional depth, expressive range, and voice modulation has left a lasting impact, earning him praise as the standout aspect of the show.


Netizens have not hesitated to express their admiration for Wahaj Ali’s performance, with some hailing it as his best work to date and a redefinition of acting brilliance. The actor’s consistent success throughout the year has already established him as a favorite among audiences so such statements do mean a lot.

Another Netizen said “His ability to immerse himself in the role of Junaid and evoke such strong emotional responses from the audience is truly commendable. It speaks volumes about his skill as an actor.”

Despite his relatively limited screen time in the series, Wahaj Ali’s acting prowess shines through in every scene, reaffirming his status as a beloved superstar. 22 Qadam not only entertains but also serves as a testament to the actors’ dedication to promoting progressive plots and storylines.