Wahaj Ali is dominating our TV screens and we’re not complaining!




Wahaj Ali better known as Murtasim or Saad these days has without exaggeration invaded our social media feeds. The actor is currently the leading man in the most popular on air dramas, ‘Tere Bin‘ on Geo and ‘Mujhai Pyar hua tha‘ on ARY.

The leading star is in a romantic pair with Hania Amir in the show ‘Mujhai Pyar hua tha‘ and is a close green flag that hardly makes it to our Tv screens. Saad plays the soft-boy role who’s initial unrequited love doesn’t take the violent or possessive persona but rather adorns the cape of a good friend who goes out of his way to make his lady love feel comfortable and happy.

Many viewers have also cited Saad’s character as refreshing and convincing. The earlier episodes where Saad was seen crying for Maheer did make us shed a tear or two so we completely agree. Furthermore, we don’t see any forced proximity or misogynistic hand holding which has been a great concern in the recent dramas.

Murtasim in ‘Tere Bin‘  does come across as an aggressive character with the conventional gaze and stern voice. He’s definitely not a soft boy but the audience seems to super impressed by the character’s evolution. What the viewer’s are really loving is his unfaltering love for his wife Meerab played by Yumna Zaidi. Twitter is flooded with tweets appreciating Murtasim with many of them anxiously waiting for Wednesday when the episode airs.

We’re excited to his character’s evolve in both of these series and also curious to know what he does next.