Video: Road rage assault on woman by male driver in DHA Lahore



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A video just went viral, showing a road rage assault on a woman by a male driver. The incident reportedly took place in DHA Lahore around 4 days ago.

The footage shows the male driver deliberately knocking off another car multiple times in front of a large crowd of spectators.


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After two or three times of attack, the woman steps down from the car crying out to the crowd for help. However, help does not seem to be anywhere in sight! Somebody from the crowd can even be heard saying “Chor do unka family matter hai.”

This is not an isolated incident of violent crimes against women in public spaces, emphasizing the need to implement rules and laws that guarantee safety and security for women against male predators.

The perpetrator’s number plate can also be identified in the video- LEA 795. However, as of now there is no media update regarding any action having been taken against the criminal responsible for this violent attack.