Video: Lady Doctor seeks justice after being assaulted in Bahawalpur police station



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Recently, lady doctor #MaryamHussain posted a video seeking justice, after a CCTV footage surfaced of a man violently assaulting her in front of the Station House Officer (SHO) in a police station in Bahawalpur.

In the short video clip, a man, identified as Adeel, can be seen beating a woman as she fell to the ground after being struck several times. The man continues to throw slaps and punches at the woman, who is still on the ground and trying to defend herself.

Following the footage which went viral over social media, the lady doctor has posted a video of herself seeking justice against the perpetrators. She asserts that she had been ‘trapped’ into coming to the police station by her husband, who is a drug addict and had already subjected her to domestic violence. The mother of four asks for protection claiming there is a threat to her life.

 According to the Punjab Police, the lady doctor and her husband had a fight for which they were asked to come to the police station. However, the woman’s husband did not arrive and sent his cousin Adeel instead. Police said that an argument broke out between the woman and the man after which suspect Adeel assaulted the lady doctor.