Unconventional Brides Who Didn’t Shy Away From Black!



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At some point in our lives, we’ve all been told ‘brides don’t wear black on their wedding day’ – haven’t we? And if anyone would dare question the statement, they’d be schooled with ‘black is associated with sadness’ or that ‘black represents unhappiness; you don’t want people to form any false assumptions, now do you?’

Not sure who came up with these but it is no secret that these statements have rather impacted brides for perhaps eons! Now how often do you see a bride flaunting a raven black hued jora on her shaadi? Almost never.

But times are changing and so are the brides of today. Brides these days are highly experimental with their style. Be it colour, cut or style, they’re always winning at it – successfully charming their way into the hearts of the guests at the big event.

We put together a list of our favourite real brides who not only did not shy away from donning a black outfit on their weddings but also wore them like a boss! And if you’re a bride-to-be considering black as a colour for your wedding, here’s some fantastic inspiration for you!

Zara Noor Abbas



Maha’s Photography



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