UN denies Priyanka Chopra’s removal as Goodwill Ambassador

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas



Priyanka Chopra has been accused of encouraging nuclear war and called a hypocrite over a tweet she posted in February aimed escalating tensions between India and Pakistan. Tensions have been running high over the past week between India and Pakistan after Delhi’s Hindu-nationalist government revoked Article 370 of India’s constitution, limiting Kashmir’s decision-making powers.

Later at an event in the Los Angeles, Ayesha Malik confronted her regarding her tweet made for encouraging war, the venue’s security took away the microphone from Ayesha and that video took the internet by storm. Part of, Ayesha’s statement said, “You are a UNICEF (Goodwill) Ambassador for peace and you are encouraging nuclear war against Pakistan, there is no winner in this.” Priyanka responded to the girl by just saying that she was not fond of war but called herself ‘patriotic’. Priyanka was criticized far and wide for reacting poorly to being called out for her pro-war tweet with losing 3 million followers on social media.


Actress Armeena Khan and Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Human Rights, DR. Shireen Mazari wrote a letter to UNICEF to remove Priyanka Chopra as its goodwill ambassador for peace.

Just two days after, Shireen Mazari’s letter to the UN, Stephane Dujarric, the spokesperson for THE UN Goodwill Ambassador for Peace, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, “When UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors speak in their personal capacity, they retain the right to speak about issues that interest or concern them.” “Their personal views or actions do not necessarily reflect those of UNICEF,” he said, “When they speak on behalf of the UNICEF, we expect them to adhere to UNICEF’s evidence-based impartial positions.” About their role, the spokesperson said, “The UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors are prominent individuals who have agreed to generously volunteer their time and their public profile to promote children’s rights.”


After the response from the UN, all we can say is that it has brought immense disappointment to our nation’s expectations!