Twitter user reveals she was prevented from taking Palestine banner to PSL match because of ‘controversy’

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


A Twitter user who goes by the username ffaryall is going viral on the microblogging website when she revealed how police officers held her back from attending the PSL match because she was holding a banner that said ‘Free Palestine’.


The tweet immediately gained traction, with even journalist Zarrar Khurro, who questioned how such a degrading policy was even created in the first place.


The twitter user ffaryall shared she had expressed her solidarity with Palestine by writing ‘Free Palestine’ on her hand, and shared a picture of it.


The tweet drew backlash from Twitter users who questioned the way PSL chose to include alleged harassers as ambassadors of the biggest cricket event in Pakistan, and had selected the brands which were included in the boycott list by BDS as the official snack ambassadors.



Previously, PSL drew extensive outrage from social media when it was announced that Ali Zafar, who is currently facing several accusations of alleged sexual harassment and abuse, was selected to sing the PSL anthem. On February 15, Zafar released the track ‘Khul Ke Khel’ which garnered a divided response from audiences, with majority of users expressing their disappointment.