Twitter thinks 2022 just got saved courtesy Zayn Malik

“I don’t know if zayn malik is my therapy or the reason I need therapy” one user said




2022 has seen a viral Tiktok trend every other week. Even if you’re not on the app, it does creep its way on your feed on other socials somehow. ‘Night Changes’ by One direction got released in 2014 but the hype the song received in 2022 is unreal. From touristy Tiktoks to romantic confessions, the song served as background music to anything and everything.

However what has really stolen the Internet is Zayn Malik singing an acoustic version of the song and posting it on Instagram. The post has reached over 11 Million views and 4 Million likes. Even though the clip is roughly 30 seconds long, for Twitter its enough to save 2022.

While some think its their reason to live, others think it has destroyed them, from heart rate alerts to therapy sessions, this video has spiraled into something else. The clip has also sparked hope amongst 1D fans that the band might have a reunion.

Scroll down for some of the best reactions we found on Twitter.

Black and white filter, hairband, overalls and oh, Zayn Malik; the perfect checklist for a viral video.
Zayn Malik has broken the Internet yet again and nobody is complaining yet again.