Twitter storm demanding immediate release of Mohammad Jibran Nasir




Twitter broke out into a storm demanding immediate release of civil rights activist and lawyer Mohammad Jibran Nasir after he was picked up by armed individuals on Thursday, from Karachi.

Jibran’s wife, actress Mansha Pasha, revealed in a social media video that she and her husband were coming back from dinner when a white Vigo almost crashed into their car. Fifteen men armed with guns came out and took Nasir with them.

Twitter unrest erupted ever since the news has come out as people demand immediate release of Jibran Nasir.

A notification was issued for a protest at the Karachi Press Club at 4pm today to show solidarity against the incident.

PTI politician and MNA Farrukh Habib deemed Nasir’s abduction as being ‘completely against Constitution of Pakistan.’

Countrywide women’s collectives Aurat March also issued an official notification in condemnation of the activist’s abduction by ‘na maloom afraad’.

Actor Osman Khalid Butt also wrote in favor of the activist saying “Jibran Nasir, to me, represents the very best of us. Release him”