Twitter sparks debate around men wearing Gajray and Mehndi




Recently, Twitter sparks a debate regarding men wearing Gajray and Mehndi after a fashion campaign featured two male models flaunting an androgynous look.

The picture featured two models looking sharp in a kurta shalwar, but also sporting a necklace, red rose gajray and mehndi on the hands, to go with it.

Twitterati showed mixed reactions to the gender-bending style. While many users seemed averse to the unusual idea, others appreciated the androgynous style pairing men with flowers: “The only critique: they should’ve used white flowers too.”

Some even pointed out the irony of the masculinity of the models being questioned just because they are wearing gajry, asking why we don’t question their masculinity when grooms habitually wear a phoolon ka haar in every South Asian wedding!

Others believed it is ‘somewhat ok’ as far as an editorial photo shoot goes, but aside from that such fashion cannot be normalized.

And some believed that flexibility and looseness is actually embedded in South Asian history.