Twitter reacts to Sadaf Kanwal’s views on feminism and women in marriage




Actress and Model Sadaf Kanwal has recently been trending on Twitter for her her views on feminism, the role of women as wives and Aurat March. ′My rules are simple, you should consider your husband as husband, his status should be high. Feminism in my thinking is that I should take care of my Husband, give him respect and do whatever I can for him′, shared Sadaf.

The debate erupted after the model appeared in an ARY News interview on ‘Hamare Mehman’, with husband Shehroz Sabzwari, where the conversation got candid and Sadaf Kanwal shared some simple rules of her life as a wife.


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Her views sparked mixed reactions all over social media, with#SadafKanwal  currently trending on people as people share their reactions, opinions and funny memes on the subject.

Some joked about the topic in a lighthearted manner claiming it is difficult for women to do all that Sadaf mentioned.

Others expressed support for Sadaf’s views  lauding her for them.

Meanwhile there were also some who said being attentive towards one’s husband is very different from playing  babysitter for them.


And many took it as an opportunity to mock those who they consider to be ‘feminists’.

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