How to take the perfect selfie feat. Sadaf Kanwal

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor
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If you’re one of us wondering as you scroll down your Instagram feed that why don’t your selfies look as flawless as our A-listers then fret not because we have charted all the right steps to help you get all the likes you ever wanted. From the perfect angles to apt lighting, we find Sadaf Kanwal as the ultimate selfie taker. Scroll down to see how she aces the trick.

Vary your angles
Tilt your head left and right , up and down to see which angle sets well with you. Scroll through multiple filters to accentuate your look. Fluff your hair and put your sunglasses on. Viola! You’re good to go.

Lighting is Key
Let the light hit your cheeks and see what a difference that makes. Glare right through the lens and let your eyes do the talking or as Tyra Banks would say Smize with your eyes.

Don’t forget to have some fun
Having fun is key to getting a selfie that speaks volumes. Either get your geek mode on or flaunt your sweatshirt, you can do anything and everything to make your selfie stand out.

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