Twitter Is Binge Watching Churails…Are You?

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor
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Churails is an edgy new web series airing on Zee 5 that has everyone hooked. The show features four women setting up an undercover agency to expose philandering husbands. Under their burqa lie raging women who are all set to take on the world to bring justice to the society and take on cheating husbands, oppressive fathers heads on! Starring Sarwat Gillani, Yasra Rizvi, Nimra Bucha and Mehar Bano, Churails brings forth an energetic script to the forefront, with great direction, cinematography and acting. Along with this the show has cameos of many great actors to add that extra oomph factor.
Twitter is also binge watching along with us and loving the series, here’s what people have to say.
Some people are loving how its different from the usual entertainment we consume these days.


Best TV show ooohh!

Is this actually true? Does sass bahu content exceed all?

People are loving the cameos

Every theme is done to justice.

People love everything about it.
Some people want it to be on netflix

Loool true fans

Binge watching it right away


Keep em coming


Have you watched Churails yet? What are your thoughts on the movie, let us know in the comments section.