Spoiler Alert: Top Celebrity Guest Appearances On Churails!

Rafai Zaman

Rafai Zaman

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Churails is a spunky new Pakistani series, streaming on Indian web platform Zee 5. Four women unabashedly call themselves churails while wearing multicoloured hijabs to hand out retribution to the men of society. They belong to completely different worlds, but what unites them is their vision of a ‘just’ society. There is a well to do lawyer, an unemployed wedding planner, a boxer from a relatively poor family and a ex-convict who spent decades in prison for murdering her husband.

Behind the charade of a retail boutique that specialises in hijabs and designer clothes for women, they form a team of women to take on abusive men—ranging from cheating and abusive husbands to ruthless fathers.

A well written script, brilliant direction and cinematography and brilliant acting across the board summarise what churails is all about. Adding an element of surprise and edge of the seat entertainment are some of the celebrity guest appearances on the show.

Therefore, without further ado, here are some of the celebrities that appeared as guests on the recently released television series Churails:

1. Mahira Khan


A role unlike any of the characters Mahira has played in her career. She manages to make an impact with a feisty appearance in one of the later episodes of the series.

2. Adnan Malik


Adnan plays a negative role in the series but pulls it off with ease. Very well done.

3. Sania Saeed


Sania’s character in the show makes her mark with a dark yet impressionable role. An absolute display of craft and brilliance by the veteran.

4. Eman Suleman


Playing a small yet crucial role in terms of the story arc, Eman’s portrayal of Mehek Hussain deserves appreciation.

5. Fahad Mirza


Husband to the lead actor of the show Sarwat Gilani, Fahad Mirza appears as a plastic surgeon during a party sequence of the show.

6. Frieha Altaf


Last seen in Parey hut love, Frieha Altaf makes an appearance as a guest at a garden party in Karachi on the show.

7. Sarmad Khoosat


Playing a university professor with a hidden secret, Sarmad Khoosat delivers an effective performance as a character that nobody has ever seen on Pakistani televisions, or even the big screen.

8. Tara Mahmood


Tara did justice to her role that required a certain amount of cleverness, and she delivered that. A completely different character to the one she played in Suno Chanda

9. Hina Khwaja Bayat


Not like the character she played on humsafar. Hina Khwaja Bayat showed her brilliance as the CEO of a cosmetic company and beauty parlour.

10. Syed Mohammad Ahmed


Unlike the character he plays in Cake and many other dramas, Syed Mohammad Ahmad showcases his skills as an experienced actor, as he essayed the role of a lawyer.

Have you seen Churails yet? If so let us know what you think about it.