Twitter discusses online classes and the results are hilarious!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Online classes are the new method to torture students according to Twitter. While some are arguing over how pointless and faulty the medium is, some are making valid points like internet connectivity issues making it easier for some students and harder for some- increasing the social disparity and putting increasing pressure on some students. However, the tweets that we bring forth today are funny, relatable and make us laugh. Scroll down for some of our favorite ones.

This truly is the case! Super relatable


Lollll this one made us snort

Sad reality

Na kero yaar

Google being the best friend since always

Another one looool

Ouch at no subtitles, sometimes we really need them

And Again….

Never give up!

Lol this one seems so apt for the current situation

Lol we all have experienced this

Make a difference plis


Why though?

Serious question, zaruri hai kya?

Do you relate to these memes and tweets as well because we surely do. Mute is our new favorite button. However on a serious notes are online classes really a hoax, is it a matter of implementation or the lack of organization on the receiving end that is leading to the issue. Let us know in the comments section on our Instagram page.