Twitter can’t deal with Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer rumours

Reports suggest that it all happened after the reunion episode




The heart wants what it wants and while we all know all of this could be another incident of Internet going crazy we can’t still deal with the possibility of them ACTUALLY getting together!

The two made it pretty clear at the Friends reunion that they had a thing for each other but never crossed the boundary. Well better late than sorry right?

According to a source cited by Closer magazine, Jennifer Aniston and Schwimmer are spending more time together at her LA home and have grown increasingly closer than ever before.

Ever since the show went aired, the “chemistry they’d always had to bury was still there.”
Well looks like they were just on a break!
Scroll down to see Twitter react to the news.

While the possibility of Jennifer and David actually getting together is really a treat for all the Friends fans, we need to remember that the news comes from the magazine ‘Closer’ which doesn’t really have well what can we say a reputation that ensures that the news is real. Plus we all know that anonymous sources are just like our childhood imaginary friends right?
Regardless, Twitter is having a gala day and we just wanted to let you know!
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