‘Turning point’ for Canada’s Muslims: Amira Elghawaby appointed first Special Representative on combating Islamophobia




For what comes as a “turning point” for Muslims in Canada, the country has appointed human rights activist Amira Elghawaby as the country’s first Special Representative on combating Islamophobia. The move is being termed as a ‘historic moment’ in the fight against hate in the country.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the activist’s appointment in a statement on Thursday, deeming it an “important step in our fight against Islamophobia and hatred in all its forms”.

Amira Elghawaby is an award-winning journalist and human rights advocate. She is also a founding board member of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and has had “a long career supporting initiatives to counter hate and promote inclusion.” As Canada’s Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia, “Elghawaby will serve as a champion, advisor, expert, and representative to support and enhance the federal government’s efforts in the fight against Islamophobia, systemic racism, racial discrimination, and religious intolerance.”

Trudeau stated that the move was made to improve government efforts aimed at bettering the lives of Muslims living in Canada