Top 5 new year Resolutions for 2020 !

Mahrang Anwer

Mahrang Anwer

Ending the decade with some major changes the world witnessed together. 2020 sounds outlandish to even type down. From the climate change taking a toll before our eyes and baby yoda entering our lives on the brink of the year end, the decade can be summed up as quite an adventurous one.

Some major milestones were achieved and certain collective regressions were made. With that burden and awareness of how rapidly the world is changing and adapting to our personal experiences, here are five resolutions that must be met in order to undo our mistakes in the next decade.

1. Being responsible towards the environment It goes without saying that we’ve seen some major climatic drawbacks in the recent year, from the forest fires to the hazardous air quality and the alarming weather changes all across the globe. Climate awareness makes it to the top of our lists and it’s only fair if we start this year as responsible earth dwellers, let’s plant more trees, cut down on the use of plastic, recycle more and save power wherever we can.

2. Be good to your bodies With the given rate the consumption industry is excelling, our quality of life is deteriorating and the results have been rising to the surface in a ripple. More like an episode of ‘black mirror’ our bodies are finally taking the hits for consumption of technology and mass produced products since the boom of these industries in the past decade. However, we are now realising the dark side of it and it becomes ever more important to take charge of this pattern. Start with the kids, keep them away from the radioactive rays of electronic media, keep your phones away from you during the night, hit the gym, eat more organically grown produces, laugh more, do lots of yoga and don’t forget to pay attention to your mental health.

3. Spend more time with friends and family. With our super busy schedules and our extremely demanding careers, we often forget how important our interpersonal time is. Creating a balance of work and leisure is key to our mental equilibrium aswell. Spend your weekends with your friends and families and don’t compromise that time for extra work!

4. Find creative and applicable solutions to our current problems. We’ve exhausted repeating the solutions used in the past. May it be the economy, technology, our own personal experiences. It’s absolutely important to keep up with the time we live in and use our cognitive skills to comprehend innovative solutions to persistent problems. Let 2020 jab the unused parts of your brain and don’t let yourself dredge the paths of least resistance. Unlearn traditional methods and try to implement learnings from your current state.

5. Learn new skills. No matter how old you are and how learned you are, you are never going to run out of room to learn new things. Start the year by enrolling into the course you always wanted to learn, pick up an instrument, buy some new books, try put a new recipe. There are absolutely no boundaries to our learning capacities and whatever better than seeing yourself evolve in positive ways every year! Team Niche wishes you a very happy New Year and hopes your resolutions are full filled and struck off. Until next year.