TikTok declared ‘haram’ under new fatwa, calling to ban content creators




Popular video-sharing app TikTok has officially been declared ‘haram’ under a new fatwa issued by religious scholars at Jamia Binoria Town in Karachi, who have declared that using it is ‘haram’, and forbidden as per religious law.

The fatwa points out that TikTok is being exploited by users for financial benefit through creating inappropriate content, calling for a ban on using the platform. It stresses the app’s potential to be a “dangerous temptation” in the world of social media, noting that users of the app often engage in activities that are illegitimate and sinful.

The religious ruling deeming the app as haram highlights the fact that TikTok is mostly used for engaging in immoral acts, like sharing music, photos, and videos that are prohibited, spreading pornographic content, and encouraging vulgar comedy, among other violations.

TikTok has faced repeated bans in many parts of the world including Pakistan on account of concerns about its harmful effects on youngsters.  In 2021, the video-sharing app was banned for five months by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. The ban was lifted after TikTok provided assurances that the platform would better control indecent or immoral content.

The user-friendly app is owned by China-based company ByteDance and reports over 39 million downloads in 2022 alone, according to data from Sensor Tower.