Twitter condemns TikTok trend by young Pakistani men perpetuating violence against women for not wearing burqa




Twitter users expressed concern over a recent trend on TikTok where many young men joined in to speculate violence against women who do not wear a burqa.

In a worrying example of toxic masculinity, young Pakistani men over TikTok seemed to be creating scenarios over the digital platform about what they would do with women who do not wear a burqa. The instance appeared to present a gross example of the undue control males try to exert on the female body.

The trend became serious and covert as male Pakistani youngsters seemed to be getting increasingly violent about their descriptions and speculations.

Twitterati deemed the issue as being a prime example of the state letting misogyny & extremism take over, instead of ensuring the protection of its women. Many also pointed to the social and political context of the Muslim states of Iran and Afghanistan- and its role in contributing to such instances of violence that men enact over females and their bodies.