This plea is to people like me & you, who are in positions of power, who have platforms & voices: Mahira khan on child labour & Rizwana case




Leading actress Mahira Khan recently took to social media with a powerful message against child labour, making a public appeal for justice in the Rizwana case, a 12-year old housemaid who was  severely tortured while working at the home of a civil judge.

In an online video message, Mahira Khan strongly condemned child labor stating that “This message is not for people who send their children to work because of necessitation or financial insecurity. The strange thing is that houses in which incidents like Rizwana usually take place, are often and frequently, well-educated, powerful households. Why? is it because they will be granted bail easily?”


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The Bol actress sensitized the public to to continue exerting pressure in the Rizwana torture case to get her justice. She iterated “This plea of mine is to people like me and you…to people like us..for people who are in positions of power,who have platforms, who have voices.. who are lucky enough that we don’t have to send our children to beg and plead, nor do we have to send our children to places and houses which are unknown to us where God forbid our children are abused and tortured.”

There is an urgent need in the country to provide safe and secure measures for underage Pakistani children, who are made to work in homes as domestic help at an age where they should be taken care and provided for!😔