Nadia J. urges public to continue exerting pressure in the Rizwana case to get her justice




Actor and Child Protection Activist Nadia J. urges public to continue exerting pressure in the 14-year-old Rizwana torture case to get her justice. “Please continue the pressure. Especially on the IG, and government to include child trafficking offence in the FIR and on the justices for suo moto. I hope Rizwana survives. She is critical”, wrote the actress.

Following up on the case of 13-year-old Rizwana Bibi, Jamil shared on Twitter that she had recently found out that the perpetrator Somia, wife of Civil Judge Asim Hafeez  is a teacher in a school. “I have just learned that Somia is a teacher in a school! She should not be allowed near children. I have also heard that her children were accomplices and they broke Rizwana’s teeth with steel spoons. Add that to the list of brutalities. Sickened to the core.” she shared.

Rizwana who was brutally tortured over a sustained a Bibi, who was brutally tortured over and suffered from broken bones on most parts of the body, allegedly at the hands of her employers. “Such cases occur with alarming regularity in the country prompt a call to action by civil society,” it added.

The condition of Rizwana under treatment in Lahore General Hospital is critical, the medical board said adding that the girl needs serious medical attention.