“They’re humans with dreams”: Anoushey Ashraf expresses concern over crisis-hit Afghanistan



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Pakistani actress and VJ Anoushey Ashraf recently took to social media to express concern over crisis-hit Afghanistan. “They were exactly like you and me. And today, they’re helpless, homeless and abandoned,” she wrote.

Anoushey Ashraf had visited Afghanistan for a TV show in 2016, and said that she the people of the country had showered her with immense love, affection and adoration.

Anoushey Ashraf Pens Down A Heartfelt Note For Afghanistan - Lens

Sharing a detailed post over her Instagram account, She said she had met girls who had wanted to cycle for the Olympics, boys who only wanted to be the next Messi, Imams at masjids who had only shown love and respect towards her and many writers, poets and writers with aspirations, ambitions and dreams, in the war stricken region. “They were exactly like you and me….They’re humans with dreams.” she wrote.

Praying for Afghanis, Anoushey wrote “The Taliban says they’re ready to evolve and give women and children their rights,” she wrote. “They’ve said they have learned from the past. Only time will tell. Reaching out to all my Afghan friends tonight, you are in my prayers. Humanity first.”


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Because the region has been stricken by war and destruction since so many years, many of us have become desensitized to news relating to Afghanistan and its people. However, let’s not forget to truly practice being devoted Muslims and think about our Afghan sisters and brothers in this difficult time!