Insecure and idle men call Anoushey Ashraf’s dance challenge video a ‘mujra’

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor
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Pakistani VJ and actress Anoushey Ashraf recently posted a TikTok video of herself doing a dance challenge, which could not be digested by some insecure and idle Pakistani men on the internet, who apparently lead a purposeless existence, spending hours on the internet giving unsolicited advice to women on morality.

The Indus Music VJ, once again proved that she is not one to silently bear harassment, as she took a stance by posting story to her Instagram account in which she called out the wrongdoers for their senseless, shameful and unacceptable behaviors and mindsets.


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A post shared by Anoushey Ashraf (@anousheyashraf)

It is indeed shocking to see the amount of hate and violence, a simple video of a woman who seems to be breathing and enjoying her life, can incite in some men. It is also time to question the values and teachings we are raising the boys around us with, and the kind of mentality we are teaching them to grow up with. Because if things have gone so wrong, there must have been something wrong that we did along the way!

In her post, Anoushey stated that the perpetrators of this criminal behavior also sent abuse and threats her way.

Another day, another instance of our bigoted patriarchal structures and the kind of oppression they mete out to the women of this country. May Allah guide us and our people towards light and love, and just some common sense!🧠