There’s a strong need in our industry for more Khawajasirah actors to play characters like ‘Guru’: Ali Rehman



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Ali Rehman recently appeared in an interview where he discusses his role of an intersex person is drama ‘Guru‘, the challenges he faced in the process, and what in his opinion is the current state of the community. ‘There’s a strong need in our industry for more Khawajasirah actors to play characters like ‘Guru”, opined the actor.

The actor discussed why a transgender was not cast for his role and the critique that many Khawajasirahs have raised saying that they are already not cast in male or female roles, on top of which they are not even being cast for intersex characters. Ali shared that the production had really wanted somebody from the Khawajasirah community to play the role but could not find anybody as there are very few intersex persons who are full time actors.


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Ali Rehman shared that he had known that he would play the role of the trans-person in drama serial Guru even before the drama or its production had been finalized. He recalled how a friend of his had shared the storyline for the drama around 2 to 3 years ago in an informal setting, where he had enthusiastically committed to the plot, but had then everyone forgot about the production. Until, Express News took on the project officially.

The actor shared that he really hopes that Guru manages to humanize the Khawajasirah community in mainstream society, and that it helps make people more empathetic and sensitive in their treatment of the minority community- recognizing the fact that they too are human!