Ali Rehman: The Dapper Dude!



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Ali Rehman Khan has been at the forefront of the TV industry, with one project after another hitting the screens. Known for his breath-taking looks, impeccable acting skills and a charming persona, Khan has come a long way since his 2010 on-screen debut in Slackistan.

Hailing from the FATA, and raised in Islamabad, Ali Rehman Khan is a graduate from the London School of Economics, before he became interested in theatre and eventually got into acting. Here’s an insight into Ali’s personal Style and preferences.


Cell phone: IPhone

Wheels :Civic

Wallet:Alexander McQueen

Key Chain: No. I’ve always got a ring on though.


Favorite brand for business suits: Nomi Ansari, Tom Ford Shoes Gucci or Ferragamo. Anything well-made and of a good fit. Cuffs and ties Tom Ford and Alexander McQueen


A casual wear look will include Jeans and a T-shirt, For a sportwear look; Nike and Adidas.

Manly scent

Tom Ford

Work out routine

Gym early in the morning, 5 days a week

Fitness food

Lots of chicken, lots of salads

Favorite travel destination

Vienna Favorite restaurant and food Roasted Chicken from Xander’s

Favorite magazine/newspaper


Favorite musician/movie

Massive Attack, The Godfather Series

Three pre fall essentials in your wardrobe right now

Blue jeans, White T-shirts, Blue button-down shirts

What is one fashion trend you would not be caught dead in?

Anything ostentatious or flashy.

What fashion product do you most spend on?


The most stylish woman in Pakistan?

Zeba Bakhtiar

Cricketer you look up to?

Imran Khan

A Sports channel you like?

I don’t really watch sports on TV, Favorite sport apart from cricket  would be Volleyball / Tennis.