The Ultimate List Of K-Dramas To Binge Watch Now!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Yeoboseyo readers! It’s time to adjust your watch list because we know you need some new flavor to your mundane binge list. If you’re ready to go beyond that inch of subtitles then K-Dramas are your ultimate quarantine fix. K-Dramas appear to be the new global rage and we will help you get on the trend. We have compiled a list of dramas that will help you become a fan in a matter of minutes. From time travelling to parallel universes, fresh high school banter to chic curated story lines, k-dramas are sure to provide you a fulfilling binge.
In no particular order here are the shows we’d like you to watch:
Crash Landing on you
A glamorous entrepreneur with a fortune finds love across the border through a series of unexpected events, a paragliding accident to getting stuck in a demilitarized zone. Se-Ri needs to find her way back home but rather finds love.

Itaewon Class
Sae-Ro-Yi may be an ex-convict but he is stern to find a new way out for his life through his new bar. He is also adamant to fight against the conglomerate responsible for the death of his father. Based on a webtoon, the story that highlights issues of discrimination as well.

A love story between a hotel owner and a young boy starts in the beautiful city of Cuba-Back in Korea their love story experiences a roller coaster ride along the way. Bound to become a favorite, this one!

A goblin, a grim reaper, a missing soul. Star-crossed lovers find their way back to each other through and through in this glorious tale of a goblin and missing soul.

Something in the rain
From work life to mundane personal issues, life isn’t too happening for 35 year old Jin-a until she meets the love of her life in her friend’s brother Jun-hui.
A Fighter posing as a night messenger gets entangled in this story of a journalist and a news reporter who all have a tragic past they need to face to move forward.
Suspicious partner
Prosecutor Noh Ji Wook has to come face to face with his new intern who also poses to be his love interest but is soon a prime suspect of a murder.

Legend of the Blue Sea
Star cross lovers-Con men, mermaids and love. This one will be a flavorful ride to watch and devour.

The King: Eternal Monarch
This one involves parallel universes and love. Korean Emperor Lee Gon tries to close doors to the parallel universe which has been opened by demons. Many other supporting actors make this drama worth the watch.

Cheese in the trap
A college student manages her studies and part time job as she gets entangled in a relationship with someone who seems too suspicious to be kept close.

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