The reason why the child in me is alive, is because of the work I do: Mahira Khan

Shanzay Salman

Shanzay Salman

Features Editor
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The second part of media heartthrob Mahira Khan’s conversation with Mira Sethi is out now, and we just cannot get over Mahira, her honest expression, simplicity and warmth.  The duo continues their earlier conversation talking about dreams, the virtue of kindness, devotion to one’s work and keeping one’s inner child alive.

“What happens when dreams come true.”

Taking advantage of sitting across Mahira Khan, Mira intelligently puts forth a question which very few people in this world can really answer: “What happens when dreams come true?.” Mahira answers saying that the journey matters more than the destination, and that she feels she needs to start dreaming again.

“Naukri ki tey nakhra kee”

Mira asks Mahira what it is that has kept her going all these years being on the run, and doesn’t she get exhuasted. The two discuss a picture Mahira uploaded from her Instagram account around 6 a.m. in the morning which she captioned saying “Naukri ki tey nakhra kee’. Talking like a real professional Mahira Khan explains that anytime she feels exhausted from her work schedule, she thinks about all the people under her i.e. camera men, videographers, tea boy, sound incharge etc who will suffer if she does not turn up to set on that particular day. Expressing her love for acting and what she does, she says that from the time that she had nothing to her credit till today, it is her work which has supported her and enabled her to pull through, so how can she ever abandon it.

The importance of keeping one’s inner child alive

Mahirah says that she hopes and prays that she never loses her innocence and playfulness and that she feels it’s fading away. “Something is dying inside of me.” She says that it the work she does which fuels her inner child to stay alive, because the work that she is doing today is what that child always hoped, dreamed and prayed to do one day! She added, “The reason why the child in me is alive, is because of the work I do.”