The Case Of The Mysterious Gas Disrupting Life In Karachi!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Karachi is in a turmoil yet again owing to the leak of a toxic gas in the Keamari area in the city. The source of the gas remains a mystery because the assumed cause of the gas was supposedly a leakage at the port. However, while addressing a press conference on Monday, KPT Chairman Jamil Akhtar informed that they found “no gas leakage” after checking all terminals at the port.

Whatever the reaon maybe, the city and it’s functioning capability is at a halt. The residents are having trouble in breathing, with some experiencing itchy eyes and chest tightness. The death toll has reached to 7 members with over 100 people hospatalised according to various sources.


The leakage has gripped Karachi into a state of fear and tension which made school administrators in the Keamari  and surrounding areas announce holidays for a few days. Many people are seen wearing masks in the affected areas depicting the severity of the incident.

Courtesy: The News

With the death toll increasing, its a pity that the real source of the gas is still unknown and the residents of the city have to remain in a state of uncertainity until the authorities take decisive action to resolve the issue of the ‘mysterious gas.’

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