The Andrew Tate-Imran Khan hook-up becomes the internet’s latest fascination




Andrew Tate supporting Imran Khan becomes the internet’s most fascinating hook-up of recent, as fans of both sporting stars show mixed reactions to this new unexpected development.

The kickboxing star Andrew Tate persistently tweeted in favour of former Prime Minister, Imran Khan after Khan was arrested by paramilitary officers outside the High Court in Islamabad despite the Supreme Court declaring the manner of his arrest illegal. Showing eager support for Khan, Tate tweeted regarding the situation: “It seems Pakistan has an honest judicial system”.

Earlier, Tate had also tweeted at the time of Khan’s arrest writing “All the good guys go to jail,” as the kickboxer himself had also faced complications with the law earlier in Romania.

The internet showed mixed reactions to this unexpected camaraderie. While some praised Tate for standing by their leader Khan, others made jokes about the absurdity of the situation.