‘T-series was paying us alot of money for Sukoon.. they wanted to remove Shae’: Hassan & Roshaan




Pakistani musical group Hassan & Roshaan recently talked about the production of their recent hit single Sukoon and why things did not work out with Indian record label T-series, their take on trending stats and their upcoming album.

Talking about producing Sukoon, the songwriting duo shared that the well-known Indian music company T-Series offered to buy Sukoon from them. “They were paying us a lot of money. First, they told us they will remove Shae. We were hesitant but agreed. Then they said they wanted to remove us as well, the way they removed Ali Sethi from their rendition of Pasoori. That’s where we drew the line”, the artists shared with The Express Tribune.

Sharing their reservations regarding any Indian singers standing behind their song they explained, “We’d have to spend the rest of our lives explaining to people that it was actually us, who made it.”

The duo also talked about the difficulties Pakistani musicians have to face where for a very long time there was no established music label in the industry. “In the US, where there is an established music industry, when a label signs an artist, they start with an investment of half a million dollars. In Pakistan, for the longest time, there was no label. We had to spend from our own pockets. And I feel that if streaming hadn’t made its way here, Hassan & Roshaan might not have existed,” Hassan shared in conversation with The Express Tribune.