Pakistani Brands Promoting Sustainable Fashion!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor

Its one thing to be fashionably conscious but it’s another thing to be fashionable yet conscious in one’s decisions to be able to create an impact or at least create some awareness. Sustainable Fashion is the need of the time; nobody expects the situation to change overnight but it’s about time that brands start to place themselves in a position which directs them to the ultimate aforementioned goal of Sustainable Fashion.
Here’s a list of the brands that are visibly supporting the cause of Sustainable Fashion .

Recently Generation brought into discussion the hazardous effects of throw away-one time use plastic bags that has increased waste generation in Pakistan by a large scale. Their re-Generate campaign explains how to do composting in the right manner. Head over to their Instagram page for a step by step guide.

Ali Xeeshan Theater Studio
The decorated designer showcased his collection Choke at the New York Fashion Parade to highlight the effects of plastic pollution and how the throw-away culture happens to do serious harm to the environment. Their approach reflects an empowerment through fashion route that brings into notice the ignorance that surrounds such a sensitive issue.

Levis is contributing to the betterment of our environment by extending their helping hand to their customers so that the latter can also join in to collectively save the planet. They  throw light on how denim doesn’t have to die, how the fabric has the ability to be repaired, re imagined and recycle. Throwing away denim eventually causes carbon emission which is the issue they are trying to resolve.

This independence day, Sapphire started Canvas bags which were completely free of cost. Made with re-purposed and leftover fabric; the bags were a functional take at making a conscious choice. The bags also had an attached pouch of seeds so that customers could plant them and could help in making their country and the world green.

Chester Bernard
Earlier this year Chester Bernard inaugurated their new project Chester Care that also revolved around the re-purposing of old Chester Bernard shirts. Find out more here.

The responsibility lies on every other human being, you and I together need to understand how threatened our planet is. It’s about time we mend our ways and direct our actions to be more conscious and environment friendly.