Social media divided over social media influencer Dananeer invited for a talk at SZABIST

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Social media influencer Dananeer became an international hit when her video where she said “pawri ho rahi hai” immediately became popular and videos of people even Bollywood celebrities like Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone re-created the video


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A few days ago, Daneneer was invited by the SZABIST institute to give a talk on the rise of digital media stars and how she copes with her newfound popularity as an influencer. However, twitter was divided by this decision by some finding this decision appalling and criticized the institution for bringing for “tiktok stars” who did not bring any valuable contributions to the country

Other people argued that she was a mere Instagram influencer, while there were many other deserving poets and activists who deserved the chance to talk about their work


However, many people stepped up to defend Dananeer against accusations that she was a simple “tiktok star” who was getting invites due to her fame. Some users pointed out that the panel was on the topic of digital culture, and Dananeer was also a content creator and influencer as well as an actor now, so her advice for media students to understand the digital world was incredibly important. She is also a valuable asset for young students who wish to work in the media like her, than some boomer who would not be able to relate with the struggles of others like she can

Others also pointed out the sexism being displayed in looking down at social media content creators for being “nepotism benefiters” or just tiktok stars, when other male social media influencers do not receive the same backlash when they are invited to give talks at events, or even have harassment allegations against them.

In the end, let’s remember that it is not some easy feat to become a social media influencer and then further utilize your power to open a beauty brand and become an actor at the same time the way Dananeer did. She has been criticized by social media users for not having an education degree or any other talents, but this is an extremely elitist thing to say and doesn’t define your critical thinking or business skills, which Dananeer has demonstrated with how smartly she has used her influence and popularity to build up her brand.