Skip The Basic, Jazz Up Your Winter Wardrobe!

Abiya Manzoor

Abiya Manzoor

Fashion and Features Editor
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Layers and layers of clothing items can make anyone look a little shabby! Plus it’s about time we take the leap of faith and skip the blacks and blues for a while. We took it upon ourselves to not only give you some great inspiration for your winter wardrobe but also all the places where you could find these pieces.

Striking Solid Colors
While we all know the classics are pure stunners, it’s also true that they get super mundane and make us skip having alot of fun. Try going for something more bright and loud. A solid color coat will help you do exactly that.
Mehek Saeed in this Chaos Official Apple green coat with a checkered lining is a stunning head turner.
Where to buy something like that: Mango

Power Suits
Deepika Padukone in a Jacquemas matching pant and suit is not only a statement maker but is also a very functional option. She also skips the heels and throws in a pair of sneakers to complete her look.
Where to buy: Sapphire

Bright Sweatshirts
Comfort is key but make it fashion. Maya Ali stunning in a scorching red sweatshirt which she pairs with sunnies, skinny jeans and her iconic smile. Its cool, comfy and looks super fun!
Where to buy: Outfitters

Ssstunning Snakesin
Faux snakeskin garments are another pick that will give your wardrobe the oomph it requires. It’s a statement maker and is surprisngly easily available in Pakistan as well. Sadaf styles her snakeskin pants to perfection by pairing them with square toe boots, blazer and a turtleneck.
Where to buy: Outfitters

Just a Step Up
If you’re not ready to take the leap of faith then just take another step up the aisle. Pair your neutral outfit with something that gives your ensemble a refreshing pop of color. Mawra pairs her neutral ootd with an Off white belt.
Where to buy: Off_White

Did we help you amp up your winter wardrobe, let us know!
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