Sherry Rehman seeks ban on private zoos after leopard breaks free into housing society in Islamabad



Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman seeks a ban on private zoos after a leopard escaped in Islamabad last night, and broke into a housing society.

Hours later Sherry Rehman tweeted a video of the big cat sitting on the ground, saying this “leopard who escaped from a private zoo last night in Islamabad is alive and well at our Animal Rescue center at the old zoo”, but the government is now being urged to place a ban on private zoos.

The Islamabad Police opened an investigation against an unknown person for “domesticating” the leopard, after it broke free, injuring several people in an upscale residential area of the capital.

Video clips of the leopard jumping across walls and running across roads in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Phase II of Islamabad went viral on social media. The leopard was recaptured after a 6- hour long drill which injured the city’s Wildlife staff quite badly. “Costs to the community and the animal could have been much higher”, said Senator Sherry Rehman.