Shehzeen Rahat calls out Zara Noor Abbas over ‘double standards’

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Zara Noor Abbas took to her Instagram stories to express her grief over the way people were celebrating and posting Eid pictures on Eid despite the atrocities being carried out in Palestine. The Ehd e Wafa actress said  “For people talking about Palestine and Gaza now, what happened to this conversation when everyone was posting pictures of Eid outfit one, two and three. Let’s not make this topic convenience related. If you feel ashamed and broken for what’s happening in Gaza then change your perspective on how you celebrate life on social media and put that particular light on the current chaos in Palestine. Don’t showcase happiness if you feel helpless.”
However actress Shehzeen Rahat thought that her remarks were absurd!
She said on Instagram “This is such an absurd statement coming from Zara Noor Abbas! Even the people living in Palestine celebrated Eid with whatever possible way they could. She further added if one is deeply saddened or feel helpless they shouldn’t be a part of a celebration. “what was Zara Noor Abbas doing herself on Jeeto Pakistan‘s Ramazan show when her own khala Sumbul appa (may Allah bless her soul) was on [the] ventilator, fighting for her life? “Double standards much?” Shehzeen asked.
Twitter has also been responding to Zara’s statement; some in favour and well some not!