“She spent 6 months in one room, no dine outs, no shopping, no international trips”: Imran Khan shares about wife Bushra Bibi




PTI Chairman Imran Khan sat down with Orya Maqbool for an interview covering politics, where he also shared about his personal life and wife Bushra Bibi. “She spent 6 months in one room, no dine outs, no shopping, no international trips”, shared Khan.

The former PM praised his wife Bushra Bibi and her simple way of life, revealing what her private life is like. He talked about how unlike any other woman she knows Bushra Bibi is not interested in any dine outs, shopping, or even going to international trips with him. Aside from going to Makkah Medina, she never even travels with him, he said.

During the interview, Khan said that his wife strictly follows the Quran and Sunnah. “In my whole life I have not met a single person whose whole life is according to Quran and sunnah. Meaning any act she does is done in a way that Allah is looking from above, and what is the commandment regarding it in the Quran and in the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH)”, said Khan.

Imran Khan further shared about how Bushra Bibi stuck by his side in the last few years under extreme pressure, and crisis upon crisis, when everyone seemed to be against him: “When I got hit by a bullet, and the nerve in my leg got affected , the way she helped me in that time. I really thank God that a wife like her is a blessing.”

The PTI leader said that people who talk bad about his wife lead material lives and have minds that cannot even fathom the kind of life she leads as she leads a life that is for God alone.